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Zorb Football

The Zorb game is a very unique experience which offers the very best of all worlds. It°Øs fast, entertaining and full of enjoyments. This is the best way of experiencing fun, energetic exercise.
ZorbFootball, crazy as the name suggests, is as hilarious as it is unique. 5 aside, 7 a side, cups, league games, indoor arena, park or beach and street, we are certain you haven’t tried this form of the very beautiful game before.
What is Bubble Football?

The very beautiful game in an inflatable form bubble! AMAZING FOOTBALL talents ARE NOT REQUIRED – to get the game ball from your other opponent you’ll have to bash into some them, resulting in some funny bounces.

You have seen bubble football maybe on Facebook, YouTube and TV. You have read about it probably in the press. Your family or friends might have even already had experienced. Now you can be able to hire the complete football package bubble for your next time event to make it one truly memorable!

Ensure you Strap yourselves into your one man body of Zorb and ensure you split off into various teams. Rather than tackle, you can use the most effective barge to win the game ball off the opponents pushing them flying off in the end process. When the ball is under your control you can halt yourself howling over with laughter for very long, dribble it forward or smashing it through past the goalie, however beware, a barge would come from all or any direction!

°§ Your body goes through the zorb bubble and you could hold onto hand or grips throughout. Your legs are left outside to ensure you can run!
°§ There is one hole above your head so as to let in oxygen for you to see outside.
°§ The body zorbs has straps which could be adjusted according as per your size
°§ Suitable for ages 6 and upwards, weight 17 stone maximum (118kg), maximum height 6°Ø7
°§ There is a safety briefing in the start -which including how to get up back if you fall.
°§ Now, you are ready to play.
°§ As well as very basic zorb 7-a-side football game there are variations games including: Zorb Shootout, demolition derby, Last Man Standing, capture the flag, and many more.

London has a number of Venues, We have hand-picked a selection of fantastic arenas across London which include, Barnes, waterloo The City and many more.

Zorb Hire UK was the initial firm to introduce this fantastic sport Zorb in the UK. Since those times, we have had constantly and very consistently ensured our services are the best available any place. We take enormous pride in being the very best in the company and rightly very so. Our reputation is built around the success of these events. You do not get a dress rehearsal with a very big event.

We have a big number of great places already set aside for bubble zorb football and Zorbing enjoyment, all are very ready to host your guests and you. Alternatively, we can decide to come to you.

Our exceptional services really are second to none since we offer excellent value for your money. At Zorbing Hire in UK we only use the very best quality equipment to train staff and ensure you have the very best experience possible.