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Water Ball

Water Ball is for walking on water or inflatable swimming pool, for floating on water, its a float tank, a dance ball , a display ball for placing products inside and for use in show business productions, TV shows and for your own creative ideas. The Water walking Ball also named Inflatable Water walking Ball, water roll ball, Waterz, Walking Water Ball, Inflatable water roll ball etc. Water walking Ball is very popular between children and adults for sporting and recreation. We can produce all kinds of the walking water ball according to your requests. Human sphere water walking ball, Walk On Water, A giant inflatable globe so you can literally walk on water.

The water balls or dance balls have enough breathable air volume inside the sphere, for a normal person to remain inside for around 20 minutes, without the need to refill it with fresh air.

It can be used on water as a game or amusement device. Which allow the rider inside the internal ball, It’s a safe, fun and exciting experience for all ages. You can walk on the water!


Putting fresh air inside the balls is easy.

Open up the air intake valve and insert the blower even with someone already inside the ball, so the riders can stay inside for longer periods of time.
– 15-20 minutes rides when used on hot sunny days.
– as long as you wish, if the balls are used out of the sun or at night.
– just change the air inside the ball at least every 30 minutes

Wateball are a blast for kids!
While riding inside of the balls, you can walk or actually, run on the water, that is…With a little practice.

A really great way to practice to have good balance, and the trick is to hold onto the sides of the ball, as you lean forward and walk fast or run…Soon you’ll be” water walking” in no time!